Why My ETSY Sales have Died

To my ETSY seller friends.
Are you wondering why your shop sales are way down? Have you spent hours doing SEO Relevancy training? Have you spent countless evenings infront of the computer revamping your TAGS, your Titles, Descriptions? Are you spending a fortune on Camera equipment, light boxes and set up?
Well, STOP! Yes, you heard me…STOP!. Check out this ETSY Treasury created by Tonja Lenderman fromTonja’s Treasures on ETSY for an explanation.
**UPDATE**  So it seems that when Etsy does not agree with a Treasury collection, even though it did not break any of the “rules” they delete it!  They deleted Tonja’s Treasury and all the supportive comments from other artisans upset over all these changes.  It is very much worth noting that in the history of treasury making on Etsy, most artisans when featured, always sent a thank you to the maker by either sending an email via Etsy, a comment in the treasury and even so far as “hearting” and sharing the collection on social media with the hope that it might bless others and bring a sale to their shops.  In Tonja’s Treasury, it was heavily noted that not one..NOT ONE OF THE SHOPS FEATURED in it thanked her or left a comment in the treasury.  There will obviously be no collaborative support from their end of things!!!
So….here is one I just made My Treasury and in case they delete that too….here you go.

death of etsy

The description says the following:  “So interesting how so many shops based in China have the same exact “handmade” items. So Sad that Etsy turned their backs on previous policies and in turn, real artisans who create real handmade jewelry. i cant compete with China pricing”

Maybe you can leave comment to help others if you are selling elsewhere with success.
Sad this is, but together, we can keep our ecommerce alive.

Handmade Has Died on ETSY

See my shop before it is buried with all the other shop owners who are leaving Etsy to find venues who sell only handmade.

Debra’s Divine Designs on ETSY