Why My ETSY Sales have Died

To my ETSY seller friends.
Are you wondering why your shop sales are way down? Have you spent hours doing SEO Relevancy training? Have you spent countless evenings infront of the computer revamping your TAGS, your Titles, Descriptions? Are you spending a fortune on Camera equipment, light boxes and set up?
Well, STOP! Yes, you heard me…STOP!. Check out this ETSY Treasury created by Tonja Lenderman fromTonja’s Treasures on ETSY for an explanation.
**UPDATE**  So it seems that when Etsy does not agree with a Treasury collection, even though it did not break any of the “rules” they delete it!  They deleted Tonja’s Treasury and all the supportive comments from other artisans upset over all these changes.  It is very much worth noting that in the history of treasury making on Etsy, most artisans when featured, always sent a thank you to the maker by either sending an email via Etsy, a comment in the treasury and even so far as “hearting” and sharing the collection on social media with the hope that it might bless others and bring a sale to their shops.  In Tonja’s Treasury, it was heavily noted that not one..NOT ONE OF THE SHOPS FEATURED in it thanked her or left a comment in the treasury.  There will obviously be no collaborative support from their end of things!!!
So….here is one I just made My Treasury and in case they delete that too….here you go.

death of etsy

The description says the following:  “So interesting how so many shops based in China have the same exact “handmade” items. So Sad that Etsy turned their backs on previous policies and in turn, real artisans who create real handmade jewelry. i cant compete with China pricing”

Maybe you can leave comment to help others if you are selling elsewhere with success.
Sad this is, but together, we can keep our ecommerce alive.

Handmade Has Died on ETSY

See my shop before it is buried with all the other shop owners who are leaving Etsy to find venues who sell only handmade.

Debra’s Divine Designs on ETSY


15 thoughts on “Why My ETSY Sales have Died

  1. You’re absolutely right – This started last year & is getting worse – when the Wedding Browse pages started last May I would get over 1,000 views a month from them, as time went on I got less & less. Now I’m almost never in them & get maybe 50 views a month from them.

    In January my views were way down – like 1/3 of what they were the years before. That’s when I noticed all the manufactured jewelry. I was so upset that I went through & found the exact items on Aliexpress & Alibaba that are in a bunch of the Wedding shops. I emailed Support & Marketplace Integrity the links to the Etsy items & corresponding Aliexpress items & kept emailing about it. I actually bought some of these items from Aliexpress & they’re pure crap. The so called Swarovski crystals are junk, some of the pieces are plastic with a metallic paint coating, the freshwater pearls are plastic. All of the stores are still on Etsy & if you do searches or go to the browse pages they fill up the first pages. These stores are buying necklaces for $15-25, putting a ribbon closure on them, and charging $125 and more for them – calling them custom, OOAK, & handmade. It’s fraudulent & it makes me sick. I honestly think the new policy change has very little to do with allowing shops to grow & is more about allowing resellers.

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  2. Etsy actually deleted the original Treasury along with all the comments from other artisans. None of the featured shops even thanked the make for including them in the T. So frustrating and shame on you etsy..you allow nudity on the collections, but not freedom of speech! Shame Shame Shame!!!!


  3. Thanks for posting this. I had seen a treasury like that I while back and laughed heartily until I realized that I should have been crying for the absurdity of it all. I’m doing my best to push ‘handmade’ and ‘handcrafted’ to everyone I know. I hope they actually listen.


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  6. This treasury speaks a thousand words. Yes, my shop on Etsy has become nothing but a personal portfolio. Two Months ago my Etsy shop averaged enough to cover ‘the roof’ I put over my head. $1,500.00. Now almost nothing, zero, na-da. Thank you for sharing this.


  7. Hi Debra, Thank you for this information. I wanted to check your treasury and, yes, it’s gone!… But I have just discovered your shop and the story of how your butterfly jewellery came to be brought a smile on my face. It’s great!


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  9. I’m just sick…. been hearing about all of this but never dug into it until I found some shops selling mass produced alpaca items (my category). A large ‘handwoven’ alpaca poncho with intricate patterns selling for $70???? I know how much time and effort it takes. I reported the shop with a link to the exact same piece being sold by a well known importer and guess what….still there. Oh, and apparently, if you post about it too frequently in the Forums, your views and sales magically decline dramatically.

    Big brother is alive and well over at Etsy. Going to check out Zibbet

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  11. My sales have completely stopped, and I used to make about $600 a month. Views and favorites have also plummeted. When I try and explain to other Etsy sellers, they deny it all – like they’ve has the wool pulled over their eyes. I don’t know how someone can deny that there is –

    1) Blatant favoritism when it comes to the front page and browse. I’ve seen the same items from the same shops multiple times on the front page and browse. This could easily be avoided if the curator of the treasury picked items that have low views.

    2) Wholesale/bulk that is NOT handmade. I hate to stereotype, but so many shops from China have over 20 of an item available for purchase – you know damn well that it’s not handmade by the shop owner. It used to be that this wasn’t allowed.

    I’m also sick of the crap we’re fed about tags and titles. I go to the forums for help and everyone only preaches advice about those two things. I sell fashion illustrations, and some of the most popular fashion illustrations that have sold on Etsy have titles that NOBODY would search. People tell me to use descriptive words instead of artsy titles, when the artsy titles sell – I use artsy titles, descriptive, title stuffing, short, you name it – just to cover all my bases. None of them have been helping.

    Don’t even get me started on the other “fashion illustrators” on Etsy!


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