2014 Queen of The Universe Pageant

Debra’s Divine Designs is pleased to have been personally invited by Actress Joyce Giraud (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) via Infinity Films Holdings, LLC, to be an official sponsor for the “Queen of The Universe Pageant” at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills on March 16, 2014.

The Queen of The Universe Pageant is for women between the ages of 18-33.  They may be single, married, or have children.  The goal of the reigning queen  “will promote education for children in need, and for children in third world countries. We believe education is the most important thing you can give someone to better their circumstances.”

The lucky winner of this year’s pageant will receive a real blue morpho butterfly wing necklace made with a blue morpho zephyritis butterfly wing, sterling silver wire and chain and faceted blue and brown swarovski crystals.

blue morpho zephy (2)

The winner of this year’s pageant is the beautiful Ariel D. King from Chicago Illinois.

Ariel D. King Queen of the Universe 2014Photo via Contactmusic.com

Ariel was very gracious to tweet a thank you to me for her gift along with a photo of her wearing her blue butterfly necklace. She stated on twitter “Butterfly Necklace, In Love” and “Oh! I went out with friends and have photos in it”

Ariel D. King wearing Butterfly necklace Gifttwitter photo Ariel D. King

A beautiful photo of Ariel’s special night with Organizer, Joyce Giraud and Joyce’s husband Michael Ohoven.

ARiel D, King, Joyce Giraud and Joyce's husbandphoto pacific pro digital.com

Infinity Holdings offered me two tickets to this amazing event, and though I wish I could have traveled from London ON Canada to Beverly Hills CA, It was just too far and my new studio is under construction!  I heard though from a few people that attended the event, that it was really fun, lively, emotional and a Huge success!  What an honor to be included.

We wish Ariel a wonderful 2014 Reign under her new crown.

Click here for information on the Queen of the Universe Pageant