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Artisan Debra Jeffries is an established jewelry designer known worldwide for her real butterfly and insect wing jewelry. She is a self taught artist and has learned different aspects of jewelry crafting in stained glass, fused glass, metal forging, wire wrapping, gemology and dabbled in basic silversmithing skills.

Debra is mostly known for her wide selection of Recycled Real Butterfly and Insect Wing Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets and much more. Her Authentic Butterfly Wing Jewelry shows a large selection of Trendy Designs, Recycled Metal pieces including Sterling Silver and Copper wire wrapped Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings to Fused Glass Pieces. Her butterflies and insect specimens are purchased from a licensed supplier. Butterflies are ethically farmed.

“Every item I make is made with the finest materials and utmost artistic integrity. All my Jewelry Pieces are Original and created in my London Ontario Studio”

All Butterfly & Insect wings are attained from cruelty-free farms across the globe through a licensed wholesaler.  These farms raise and care for the caterpillars to pupae to butterflies and the butterflies once hatched are allowed to fly in freedom until their natural death. They are raised intentionally in underpriveledged countries and are collected when their lives expire naturally. No butterflies are killed for making my jewelry pieces.  These farms play a HUGE role in providing employment, education and conservation of their reared specimens as they release a certain percentage back into the wild to increase the natural population.

Did you know most butterflies have a very short life span approximately 2-3 weeks only!

My jewelry pieces preserve their beauty forever♥

Welcome, relax and take a look around. Convo me for any custom order requests that you have in mind.

Living in Canada offers Debra boundless opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and to be inspired by the power of nature. This is what she feels makes jewelry truly memorable, unusual, one-of-a-kind and valuable.




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  1. Hello Debra,
    Nice to meet you here in the boundless sphere called Internet 🙂 It was my pleasure to visit your nice and VERY UNIQUE blog. You do a great work here! I cordially wish you all the best in your future creative endeavors! Your works are awesome! I admire them. Morover, I just shared yur website and blog on my FB page for my readers to know about you and maybe buy some of your works. Thank you for your attention towards my blog. I hope you liked my personal blog. Thanks also for following my blog, much appreciated.

    Warmly and respectfuly,


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